Ponsawan Sila returns to clay

I’m sure you’re as happy as I am to hear that Ponsawan Sila will be back working in polymer clay and being a stay-at-home mom. Her daughter was seriously injured five months ago and will be coming home soon. Theirs is a story of survival and triumph and nobody says it better than Ponsawan herself.

Read her story and see the strength and spirit that shines through in her polymer clay work. Welcome back, Ponsawan.

I’m in a fix-up, spice-up mood and your comments about PCDaily have been very kind and helpful. Per your suggestions, I’m going to:

  1. find some guest editors
  2. interview some outstanding artists
  3. shoot some video
  4. get a gallery going
  5. and I may even show some of my own work

Not to worry, PCDaily is my habit and my baby. I’ve got new ideas and I’m over myself. Keep those comments coming.

I picked out a paint color for my studio based entirely on gut feeling. Living large…read more here.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava, Ponsawan! And your daughter too! Phew! What an increadible life changing trial you guys have been through. Ponsawan, you are an amazing mom, and a heroic artist.

    Cynthia… EGGS!! I love it! Beautiful colors of nature, wonderful ego-friendly paints, and some terrific ideas for PCD. I’m so glad you’re charged up and ready to roll, my dear. Your daily posts are my morning coffee… er… that I read… um… while I drink… my coffee.

    Keep it comin’ girl!

    • reply jean in holland ,

      Thank you, Cynthia, for this information. I’ve tried to get an update but have not been successful. Should have known you’d come through for me. luvjean

      • reply Julz ,

        That is indeed good news all round…good news for Ponsawan and her daughter and also good news for those of use who are fans of Ponsawan’s work.

        • reply Bettina ,

          Great to see Ponsawan is back to her studio. She’s an outstanding artist and one of the nicest and bravest persons I know. She did an awesome job when caring for her daughter for the last five months. With this mom, Ada will be getting better every day.

          Cynthia – I’m really looking forward to your changes, I’m sure you will continue to do a great job on PCD with the new features.

          • reply Kim Cavender ,

            I’m so happy to hear that Ada will soon be able to return home. May there be only good things ahead for Ponsawan and her family!

            Cynthia, I love all your new ideas for the blog. But remember, it’s your voice we love the most. Your perception of the things you present to us each day hold an appeal that you may not be able to fathom. The art that you share is fabulous and inspiring but your wonderfully crative and generous spirit are a large part of why we all adore Polymer Clay Daily. No one can take your place in our hearts. I admire your dedication to the polymer community and I’m so thrilled to know that you’re getting a beautiful revamped studio to work in. Your artwork is so very wonderful and so very representative of who you are. I’m happy to know that you’ll soon be sharing more of it with us.

            • reply myra katz ,

              At winter CHA 2008 I was privledged to see & touch Ponsawan’s hope on a rope entry. I’d always read her blog and was so impressed that she shared her work and techniques with all of us. Then to come home afterwards, go to her site, and read of the chaos in her life…well, I can still remember the knot in my stomach when I read the entry about Ada. I tried to leave a message on her site but was having trouble with the computer elfs and so never did. I’ve been following her updates, and now this news that Ada is coming home is so wonderful…it brings me to tears! I know the tough part is not over for them…but I’m hoping that one day it will be just a memory.

              • reply Ponsawan ,

                Thanks Cynthia, you put a big smile on my face. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement from everybody. Those words kept me going on the darkest day, and I am looking forward to the brighter day from now on.

                • reply barb fajardo ,

                  Hooray for Ponsawan and Ada, such wonderful news for the family!

                  And Cynthia…just remember the old Carly Simon song. You’re the James Bond of Polymer Clay blogs :o)

                  Hopefully this code will work…

                  • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                    Barb – It took me a while. Thanks


                    • reply Maria Alexandrou ,

                      I am very happy for your Ponsawan!! You are a brave woman. There are times in our life we have to slow down for a while when our dearest persons needs us more. When we try to recover we need our friends to support us and give us a hug. Even if they live hundres or thousand miles away.

                      Ponsawan I give you my love and support and a big hang from all polymer clay people in Cyprus. BRAVO!!!
                      Well come back

                      • reply Ysabella ,

                        so beautiful….

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