Join the National Polymer Clay Guild Team

NPCG president Judy Belcher and her crew of officers have done a gold-medal job of taking the national (now international) guild to new heights. But this is a relay event and the baton must be handed to a new team of NPCG officers.

The new group will have the support of an executive director plus past and current officers to help realize their vision, their ideas. The same skills you use to create and problem solve in the studio can be used to impact a worldwide community of artists. Read Judy’s tell-all and the list of positions to figure out where you’d fit best. Then submit your nomination. There are only two weeks left and NPCG needs you.

The six open NPCG positions include: President, VP Education & Outreach, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Guild Liaison, International Guild Liaison. Write Julie Picarello for more information.

As long as you’re getting paperwork out of the way, don’t miss the chance to share free NPCG space at the ACRE show. The deadline for application is September 10.

Julie and Judy are mindful of your need for eye-candy and sent along these sweet things to seal the deal:

Just back from touching base with the Euro contingent, Judy Belcher was stunned by the energy and vitality of the polymer clay art there as sampled in the work from Spain’s Ana Belchi.

Julie Picarello sent along a link to fellow Clayville California Guild officer, Maureen Thomas.

A long-time button collector, Maureen was creating a polymer clay tile bracelet based on a Gwen Gibson design and found that her elastic was too thick to knot and pull back into the drill hole. She grabbed a button to use as a clasp and made it a focal point of the bracelet. Check out her can-do approach to polymer on her Flickr site and blog.

It’s a can-do Monday.

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    Thanks so much Cynthia! Working with the current NPCG Board has been a dream and those of us staying on for the next term can’t wait to share our experience and passion for the NPCG with the new officers. Serving on the board has been a very rewarding and energizing experience!

    • reply carmela aviv ,

      ihappened to discover the pc about two years ago. since then i am entirely addicted

      • reply Donna Kato ,

        So much in today’s post! I just had to comment of the very talented Ana Belchi – her polymer work is amazing as is her wire work. The Spanish ladies are wonderful! Great job, Ana, and thanks to Cynthia and Judy for sharing her with everyone.

        • reply Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

          I think ana’s new work is phenomenal. The shapes and the surface treatment are elegant. She’s so talented.
          The work also reminds me alas of my own new (mostly unpublished) direction and hope our work is not too similar.
          Time will tell.

          • reply victoria angelica ,


            • reply Lori Feiss ,

              I need to get back to the guild. How do I rejoin? Lori

              • reply David K Edwards ,

                Is there still a National Polymer Clay Guild? If so, what it the address? And, is there a museum of interesting and/or meaningful polymer clay work? A museum to which I might donate, for example? Thanks!

                • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                  David – It is now the International Polymer Clay Association ( The major collection of polymer work is housed at the Racine Art Museum (thanks to the late Elise Winters and friends) and it’s in several other museums as well.

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