Pindroh’s polymer dogs

By golly, it is the dog days of summer! And Paula Pindroh has the polymer clay dogs to prove it.

I think of Paula as an illustrator and was surprised and delighted to see her “PolymerPaws” site on Etsy.

Her simple shapes create a likeness and a liveliness that looks effortless. Years of illustrating with polymer helped, I’m sure.

  • reply Patricia Kramer ,

    Fantastic! I love Paula’s work!

    • reply Amy Crawley ,

      Those are adorable! I want to pat them on their heads.

      • reply Paula Pindroh ,

        Thanks, everyone!
        I’ve got a bunch of new dogs that I’m going to list in the shop this weekend :~)

        • reply Stacey Conley ,

          WOW! Those are so amazing and so unbelievably adorable! You are so very talented.

          • reply Brooke ,

            Awwwwww that is sooooooooo cute how do u make that

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