Holden’s urchin imitations

This lovely arrangement of polymer clay urchin beads by Vancouver’s Tina Holden gives us a last look at the beach this summer.

Tina’s not the only one to borrow from Mother Nature, of course, but her imitations are particularly inviting and soothing – like a cool dip underwater.

I’m baffled by how Tina creates her hollow forms and glad to hear that Canada has made collecting these real creatures from their waters illegal.

  • reply Mary Kaye ,

    Heather at Humblebeads has been making sea urchins, too, and I’ve been looking for a sea urchin to make a mold from for a couple of months. Well, I finally thought to do a search on sea urchins and you can buy them online at the Sea Shell MegaStore.

    I just love these forms and I can hardly wait to try it.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Delicious work! I love the textures and colors.

      I’m thinking Tina either has a REALLY flexible mold, or a mold that she can bake her pc in (I’ve heard of this kind of mold, but I don’t know what the material is). I’ve played around with molding crab claws, but haven’t found a good way to get the whole form.

      So, you’re not alone, Cynthia. Tina’s technique is puzzling me, too!

      Tina, would you care to share? 🙂

      • reply jana ,

        I’ve admired these pieces of Tina’s from the moment I first laid eyes on them. They are simply luscious!

        • reply Pamela ,

          I’ve used “Miracle Mold” and it can be baked with the polymer clay in it. Also, right now the only way I can think of to create a hollow clay urchin, is to wrap clay around some wax and press it into the mold. During the baking process the wax would melt and drain off. Not sure if this is how she created these, though!

          I enjoy polymerclaydaily every morning with my cup of coffee–thanks!

          • reply Tina ,

            Cynthia, I’m honoured, thank you! Sure was a lovely surprise to wake up to, seeing my work on Polymer Clay Daily! 🙂

            Melanie, I totally appreciate your question about sharing. I’m quite open with most of my techniques, but I’m still working on the ‘hollow form’ concept. I may be doing a workshop in the coming months, so am not ready to give it up yet, but thanks for asking.

            • reply leelooboo ,

              Incredible ! Can’t believe it’s polymer clay !

              • reply Julie ,

                Wow I am so glad donna recommended you blog I will be back thanks for sharing.

                • reply Julie Picarello ,

                  Love not only the colors, textures and shapes…but also the way they remind me of a tangy ocean breeze, sun on my face and sand between my toes. Truly a treat for all the senses!

                  • reply Melanie Dilday ,

                    These are gorgeous, with their soft cooling colours and lovely textures…well done!

                    • reply Amy Crawley ,

                      Those are awesome!

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