Mills’ new polymer/silver combinations

Libby Mills has redecorated her site and freshened her pictures with some great new work, including more silver and polymer combinations. The graphic feel of her polymer designs is mirrored in her treatment of the silver.

Each time you refresh her home page, you’ll be rewarded with a different photo. Like Pavlov’s dogs, I sit and click again and again for a treat. There are some new pieces on her Flickr page and a peek into friends’ studios as well. Have a treat-filled weekend.

  • reply Judy B ,

    I love Libby’s work! Great colors and her treatment of the silver is exciting.

    • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

      I agree with Judy – Libby’s work is fresh and wonderfully graphic in nature. I have a pair of earrings from the purple and green series you featured and love them to pieces.

      • reply Karina ,

        Beautiful Combination, Fresh Colors ^_^

        • reply Julie Picarello ,

          Libby’s mixed media pieces are just stunning…wish I could reach in and grab that bracelet right off the screen.

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