Time to stop worrying about my polymer clay pebble beads being too large. I found this post on Kris’ Color Stripes that links to the Vogue prediction that jewelery will be supersized this season.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Zounds! And I thought some of my bangles were huge. Well, I guess we’re in good company then. 😉 Thanks for the reassurance, Cynthia. lol!

    • reply Eva/le Loup ,

      Great news!
      Except the fact that I spend too much time on what I make, contrary to my resolutions, I cannot be resolved to make of little jewels! Would the creators have problems of sight as me?;-))
      Thank you Cynthia
      See you soon!

      • reply Kim ,

        Yikes! Who knew we’d have Wilma Flinstone jewelry as inspiration. I’m mean, I love chunky jewelry and all, but the boulder choker is a bit much. 😀

        Thanks for sharing Cynthia!

        • reply Carrie ,

          I think I need to start worrying about my head being to small if those necklaces come into style. Or perhaps this is in response to the “recession” and people no longer being able to afford diamonds?

          • reply Hollie Mion ,

            Well, though I have ample “display space”, this is just too much!

            • reply Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor ,

              OMG! It is good thing those are faux stones or those twiggy girls would surely snap under the pressure!

              • reply Lindly ,

                Wow! As someone who has a tendency to get larger and larger as I work on a project- this is quite reassuring- thanks for the heads up!

                • reply Amy E Wallace ,

                  Jeez, what a bizarre image to wake up to first thing in the morning. I wonder if the girl on the far left feels foolish wearing hers. Despite a huge paycheck!

                  • reply David Forlano ,

                    Those are not big enough. 🙂

                    • reply Carolyn ,

                      YES, YES, YES…these are out-of-sight and obviously museum pieces…but the inspiration is there to go for it. Thanks!

                      • reply Donna Igram ,

                        Just dosen’t do a thing for me. LOL I have seen some large jewelry, BUT, this is a little too much.

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