I’m having too much fun making polymer clay beads and just can’t stop for the computer today. See you tomorrow.




  • reply Judy ,

    Good for you! Have fun and follow your muse. 🙂

    • reply Melanie West ,

      You go girl! Those beads around your(?) neck are fantastic! (Wanna trade? 😉 ) I, for one (well, two, including Judy), am happy you’re off playing with clay, my dear!

      • reply Dee Wilder ,

        You deserve it! That’s what retirement is all about.

        • reply Sera ,

          LOL. How unreasonable of you, Miss Cynthia 😛 You’ve been typing your fingers to the bone, year in, year out – sourcing the very best and brightest from our community – sharing pictures, videos, stories etc. And you want a day off? :O

          Have a great one!

          • reply Ruth Tarragano ,

            Great beads, I love the colors!

            Have a great day off!


            • reply Denise Fuson ,

              Love those beads! You deserve a ‘clay play day’ and probably don’t get enough of them!

              • reply Laura Lang ,

                Wonderful display of color in the beads! Nice job on necklace too. I like the pop of white and dark violet. Keep claying.

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