Whiteguppy’s money matters

Money on your mind? Julia (whiteguppy) from Spain made these clever and cute polymer clay money beads that deal with financial matters in an artistic way. Her tutorial suggests running tissue paper or plain napkins through your inkjet printer or using the images from printed napkins.

She modifies and adapts finishes and tools to refine her process. Here’s the tutorial in English. And here’s her Flickr page with a large selection of the patterns she’s used.

NOTE: Having trouble downloading the tutorial? Try this link.

  • reply Toby ,

    I want to give you such a big sloppy kiss! I literally have been searching the WWW looking for this particular tutorial for the last three days!!! And today you answer my prayers.

    • reply Tina ,

      Those are great!! Money beads are a super idea, and although nobody would ever mistake those as ‘not real tender’ am totally curious….since I’ve been wanting to do something similar with Credit Cards….what are the copyright laws on money tenders? Does anyone know? I thought it was illegal to ever ‘photocopy’ money in any way, shape or form…

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        Tina – Julia lives in Spain and I’m sure copying our money is much less of an issue there. Don’t know the other legalities.

        • reply Julie Anstaett ,

          She’s obviously not using real money…George Washington isn’t on the 10 dollar bill…

          • reply Elinor Dandrea ,

            More than anything, I want to “thank” Julia for the new technique. I have been looking for a way to “write” on polymer and this just might be the way forward for me..thanks thanks thanks!

            • reply Detwiler’s dress patterns at Polymer Clay Daily ,

              […] is similar to the napkin transfers we ran into in Spain recently. Small […]

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