Roses cross pollinate polymer clay

California metalsmith Corliss Rose and lapidary John Lemieux Rose (2Roses Studio) like to cross pollinate their media and expand the limits of jewelry art through the combination of unorthodox materials and techniques.

Their polymer clay works, like these art bracelets, often express their more playful sculptural impulses. You’ll find everything from computers to coconuts in their voluminous selection of jewelry with a healthy dose of polymer clay sprinkled in.

NOTE: The number of polymer clay photos on the web has exploded and it’s challenging to keep up. I remain focused (most days) to bring you fresh and interesting polymer clay finds.

If you’ve got time to browse more or want to post your own work, be sure to also visit the Flickr photo group sites I’ve added in the left hand column. There’s a wonderful, thriving polymer clay world out there. Now back to the studio!

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Once again, Cynthia, you bring to the surface some terrific work! (How the heck do you manage this every day?!?!) I love their collaborative found object pieces – especially computer circuit boards (a good place to take my computer when it’s not functioning right). A terrific start for the week – thanks!

    • reply Dee Wilder ,

      I appreciate the challenge, Cynthia. So many talented artists have discovered polymer and incorporated it into their art. While established “polymer people” are cranking it up and up and up. I don’t know how you navigate through all the great photos there are out there. The effort is evident. Thank you!

      • reply JuLee ,

        I think it is wonderful how Polymer Clay is finally being recognized as the art form it truely is. I am so happy that others are experimenting and posting their art for me to drool over. Thanks so for the links, makes it easier for me to find all the great work that is being produced by artists all over the world. – JuLee

        • reply Karina ,

          Wonderful and Amazing ^__^

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