Friesen’s polymer and steampunk

Following up on yesterday’s trend report here’s Christi Friesen newest line based on the steampunk aesthetic. (I had to look it up on wikipedia.) I see a promising new polymer clay trend here.

Christi explains steampunk as, “viewing the future from the vantage point of the turn-of-the-century — all gears and hydraulics and brassy screws – very rich and slightly gothic, and quite in keeping with the whole altered art/assemblage movement!”

As science fiction author Bruce Sterling explains, “Steampunk’s key lessons are not about the past. They are about the instability and obsolescence of our own times. A host of objects and services that we see each day all around us are not sustainable. They will surely vanish, just as Gone With the Wind like Scarlett O’Hara’s evil slave-based economy. Once they’re gone, they’ll seem every bit as weird and archaic as top hats, crinolines, magic lanterns, clockwork automatons, absinthe, walking-sticks and paper-scrolled player pianos. We are secretly preparing ourselves for the death of our own tech.” Fascinating concept.

Christi’s book showing all her new work will be out in November and she’ll soon have a steampunk project tutorial on her site. Have a fascinating weekend.

  • reply Stacey Conley ,

    WOW. I am so not a fan of Steampunk but these are OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful!

    • reply sari0009 ,

      In an instance I’ve fallen in love with these little guys. Just like that.

      Now that’s taking it to the next level. Wooooooooot!

      • reply Julie Anstaett ,

        I am MOST impressed where Christi is taking this…absolutely fscinating!!!…I’ve never heard of Steampunk before…but I know we’ll be seeing lots more of it.

        • reply Karen K ,

          I must be an old fogie because I had never heard of steampunk before either. This style is so Jules Verne but fresher! It has woke up my creativity and can’t wait to try it.

          • reply Randee M. Ketzel ,

            I also had to look up ‘Steampunk’ on Wikipedia–so don’t feel silly! I’ve seen it for years without knowing what to call it,only that I liked it, so rich in imagery–(I admit, I have an especial weakness for valves and clockworks, though my work hardly reflects it). One recent movie that uses a great deal of these motifs is ‘The Golden Compass’.

            I forsee many more polymer clay artists incoporating these elements into their work in the near future, for as we well know who work in this most fascinating of mediums–this material can imitate anything!

            • reply Becky A ,

              Awesome! I love steampunk, ever since Steam Boy came out some years back (a great anime movie). I already like Christi’s work (even own some), but this is probably my favorite. Very cool. Can’t wait for the book & to take a class.

              • reply Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor ,

                That is way cool! I’ve been working on a little steampunk stuff my self but I love her ‘creature’ take on the idea!

                • reply BrendaLea ,

                  I love Christi’s work, but these are even better! Can’t wait to see the tutorial.

                  • reply Christine Harris ,

                    Everything Christi does seems to come out so cool!

                    • reply Jan Igoe ,

                      Grab her book: Steampunkery- Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Projects. It’s beautifully designed and sheer fun from beginning to end.

                      • reply Kashi ,

                        I am so into steampunk, and now my imagination is running wild! This is fabulous work….just wonderful. Thank you so much!

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