Bogosian’s polymer puzzles

New Jersey’s Helena Bogosian is a polymer clay illustrator with two new books coming out next week. If you’re a puzzle person of any age, you’ll love solving her matching problems, finding hidden pictures, and working your way through her mazes. Extruded clay strings maked great tangled webs.

These two books, Clay Quests: Hidden Picture Puzzles and Clay Quests: Maze Magic, are the first in a series published by Sterling Publishing. You can view samples at her site.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    What a delight! It’s clear that Helena is having loads of fun with her work (as it should be, imho). I especially like her octopus (no surprise) and germs in a petri dish. hee hee!

    Thanks for a great pick me up this morning, Cynthia!

    • reply Kate Clawson ,

      Hmm, what a unique way to use Polymer Clay! I love puzzles, games, hidden searches, that kind of thing but would never have put the two together, kudos for Helena for doing that! Look forward to seeing more.

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