Askin’s color philosophy

Gloria Askin’s polymer clay creations are colorful, free-wheeling and fun-loving. The necklace to the left is entitled, “Color Me Happy.” She’s added some new pieces to her web site.

In her artist statement she says, “Much of my inspiration comes from my extensive travels throughout the world. My love of color is best expressed in the Yoruba belief that the more colors you wear (or, I believe, use in art), the more positive energy you are putting into the universe.” Makes me want to learn more.

  • reply Dee Wilder ,

    I’ve been a fan of Gloria’s work since I first met her at Ravensdale. In addition to making totally unique and beautifully-crafted jewelry, she is a lovely person.

    • reply Kelly Russell ,

      I am so glad to see you cover Gloria’s work! She is crazy about polymer clay and all the colors she can use. She is always willing to try new techniques and to “just PLAY!” She is a great person, a great friend, and lots of fun!!! Thanks for featuring her!!

      • reply Gloria Askin` ,

        Thanks guys. I’m thrilled to be on Polymerclay Daily.

        • reply Kate Clawson ,

          I must be adding a bit as I am always a walking palette it seems! Beautiful works!

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