Spain’s Natalia García de Leániz (Tatana) adds a colorful end to our week with these polymer clay slices sewn onto a braided leather necklace and, below, faux heishi strands.

I’ve banked lots of ideas this week and am anxious to get back into my studio right after I spend the weekend gabbing with my visiting siblings and children.

The Thanksgiving dishes are done, the turkey leftovers are ready for leisurely grazing. Have a great weekend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava, Natalia!!! *Jumps up and applauds vigorously* Terrific work! Your work has really blossomed… I remember sitting next to you at Ravensdale, when both of us were in still pretty new at this stuff. Keep up the great work, my friend! 🙂

    – Melanie

    • reply Mariví ,

      I am in love with Tatana’s work, it is always fullof life and creativity.
      Ole, Tatana!!!!

      • reply Julie Anstaett ,

        Love, love, love that braided necklace!!!! How very inventive.

        • reply Maniguette ,

          Natalia’s work is even more colorful and beautiful in real!!!She works amazingly!

          • reply Natalia ,

            Thank you so much Cynthia for the feature!!! I appreciate it so much, it made my day!!!
            Melanie, I have such good memories from Ravensdale, where we shared those reat classes! And I had this wonderful classmate! and great artist (I do love love love yoir work).
            Mariví, Julie and Maniguette, thanks a lor for your nice words, they make me happy! 🙂

            • reply Elena ,

              Like Mariví, I love Natalia’s work! Her creativity is incredible!

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