Hyde’s polymer angels

Discussions about holiday spirit wouldn’t be complete without mentioning another of my polymer clay favorites, Seattle’s Susan Hyde. She sent these two examples of her latest angels dressed in her signature colors with extruded clay slices as accents. Those colors are pure holiday eye candy.

Her fabric tutorial (a Skinner blend with shreds of contrasting color mixed in and stacked into plaids) is one of the best for polymer clay color lovers.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    I love Susan’s work, and it’s so cool to see it here! Her color sense is incredible, and her ikat-looking cane work is gorgeous! And FUN! I took her workshop at Ravensdale once, and it’s really satisfying to see all the variations people made that were so beautiful! Try it!!!

    • reply Lisa Clarke ,

      I just can’t get enough of Susan’s amazing “fabric.” It inspires me.

      • reply Kate Clawson ,

        I was a quilter for 15 years and naturally am a fabriholic so seeing fabric interpreted in clay for me is a real treat, thanks for highlighting this wonderful work!

        • reply Meisha Barbee ,

          These angels are great fun – AND BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for including
          Susan’s video….very nice. I find a lot of inspiration in fabric, so this technique intrigues me.

          • reply French Bollywood workshop at Polymer Clay Daily ,

            […] Just like the movie, the workshop went from humble beginnings to a feel good ending. (It also reminds me of Susan Hyde’s angels.) […]

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