Carlson’s new works

Yesterday’s characters got me thinking about other polymer clay sculptors. I revisited Maureen Carlson’s site and saw that she’s added a number of new galleries of her work like this lovely leaping figure which she made over a wire armature.

A gifted storyteller, Maureen lets stories flow from her characters which reflect many moods – thoughtful, mysterious and playful. Her newest pieces are exhibited in Minneapolis and she’s filling in the roster of classes scheduled for 2009 at her teaching/retreat facility.

  • reply Cody Goodin ,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful site. I look forward to it every morning before I head off to work. As a polymer clay sculptor too, I love seeing the variety of artists you share with the world. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Have a wonderful creative inspirational season and new year.

    • reply Maureen Carlson ,

      What fun to be surprised by seeing one of my sculptures featured on today’s post! As a recovering perfectionist, I struggle with putting my new work “out there” until I have it “just so”.

      Thanks, Cynthia, for the promotion and encouragement that you give to all of us. It’s immensely appreciated.

      • reply Pat L ,

        I’m so glad you posted this. I hadn’t been back to her site in a long time. I do love her work!

        • reply Jenny Patterson ,

          Along with being a great artist, Maureen has a wonderful giving soul, it’s inspiring just to be in her presence! Going to a class at her center is like taking a wonderful peaceful vacation.

          • reply Meg Marchiando ,

            Maureen is coming to teach in Houston in February, seeing her on your website just reminded me there is life after Christmas! I love her work and can’t wait to spend a weekend playing with her.

            Thanks for your commitment to this site and always finding great artists to inspire us!

            • reply Susan Gantz ,

              Maureen made a wonderful sculpture at the MUSE (Bryn Mawr)in a workshop a number of years ago. It included a spinning figure so a turn could pick an adventure for you if you needed inspiration. Are there any photos of it anywhere in existence?? I didn’t have a camera with me at the time.

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