Polymer steampunk communication device

Chris (aka Chronomorphs or Nicrosin) created this great steampunk prop from sculpey, rubber, and a various pocket watch parts. It’s fully adjustable and flexible and lined with suede for comfort. Polymer clay helps Victorian meet Blu Tooth in this back-to-the-future piece.

Chris describes his simulated device, “This experimental prototype device, using theoretical Æther-phasing as the delivery system, is used for airship-to-airship private transmissions, hands-free battlefield communications, or real-time status updates of special operations agents.”

It’s actually a limited edition Victorian-style communication device, perfect as a prop or for enhancing a costume. Thanks to Susan Lomuto (via Watchismo) for the tip.

  • reply Sabine Alienor ,

    Thank you for your posts, they are always very interesting.
    Do you know this young french polymer artist? She makes steampunk too :

    • reply Cristalline ,

      Yes Sabine, “Steampunk is in the air” 😉
      this style is really interesting

      • reply Dreamer ,

        Has anyone come up with ether-based devices other than the Ether Propellor?

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