Press reset, reboot your muse

Nobody does polymer clay party people better than Dinko Tilov. This one looks like the morning after to me. If you’d like to find some of the characters you partied with on New Years Eve, look here or here. Dinko has an entire gallery of “face dice” to roll.

If you’re done with partying and more interested in pressing the annual reset button for your life and rebooting your muse, today is a great day to visit polymer clay artists who enjoy helping you: Dayle Doroshow, Tory Hughes, Judy Dunn, Amy Crawley, Heather Powers. Let me know if you have names to add to the list (see the comments for some additional names). I suggest wandering over to ZenHabits for inspiration as well. I hope that 2009 brings you many happy moments and new adventures. Happy New Year.

  • reply dayle doroshow ,

    Happy New Year Cynthia, Thanks for the fun post early this morning out here on the west coast. And I really enjoyed the link to Heather Powers post- you know me- a detailed list with a goal and the baby steps to make it happen makes me happy! And Amy’s post on a “word for the year” resonated with me also. Thanks so much for all you do- Dayle

    • reply Maureen Carlson ,

      Cynthia, I agree with everything that Dayle said. Thank you!

      Also want to say that I wish I would have come up with that face dice concept. Bravo for Dinko. What a fun idea. Could roll the mood for the day, the face to put on, the mask to be, the face to connect with, the person to approach …

      • reply Amy Crawley ,

        Happy New Year Cynthia!

        What a wonderful way to start the New Year: finding a link to my blog in your New Year’s Day post. Thank you. I’m honored to be placed alongside several other artists who I look to for inspiration, guidance, and motivation.

        Some other folks who also provide inspiration and motivation for me include Christine Kane ( Lisa Call ( and of course, PCD and Daily Art Muse.

        Love Dinko’s character; I’ve had mornings like that!

        I hope you have a happy, blessed, and prosperous 2009!


        • reply judy shea ,

          cynthia… i so agree with the list of wonderful artists you listed as being helpful. amy is a friend of mine and she is always inspiring and motivating me. thank you, amy and thank you, cynthia and happy new year!

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