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Tory Hughes is working on polymer clay mobiles for the Sculpting Color in Your Hands show August 8 through November 22. The event will be organized by the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA and curated by Kathleen Dustin. This exhibition will include a variety of large scale forms, including sculpture, furniture, wall pieces, and installations by artists who are pushing the qualities of polymer clay.

Tory found mobile design a different and very compelling type of design challenge. “It involves things that move in space, things we see from below or across. Personally it is nice to have more reasons not to use my imitative techniques; I like the opportunity to develop a different esthetic given the design criteria,” Tory added.

Be sure to bookmark the new Log Notes section on Tory’s updated site. In her intro she explains that, “My job is to navigate the landscape of creative action and come back to discuss what I find. Check in regularly, because I’ll be telling you all the juicy and useful things I encounter.”

  • reply Zayit Gale ,

    Thanks for posting this, I have checked out Tory’s site on and off and have been waiting for her to get blogging on it. She is such an inspirational lady, and it’s great to see her new stuff and her thoughts.

    • reply joanna ,

      Tory is such an inspiration and great teacher and Kathleen also, i hope to be able to do a workshop with them one day.

      This Christmas i purchased Tory’s 15 set of Instructional DVDs for my daughter who is just starting in polymer clay jewelry and metal jewelry and it is a wonderful encyclopedia of information, techniques and lessons. Her book is great also.

      • reply Martha Aleo ,

        When I read this post, I subscribed to Tory’s blog so fast I got keyboard burn!

        • reply Diane Roeder ,

          Thank you for this posting; I enjoyed Tory’s web site immensely.


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