Cinque’s polymer clay roots

The polymer clay root faes by Candice Cinque are, I’m quite sure, the kind of creatures sleeping under our winter snows.

Their delicate poses make them look so lifelike that they seem more like some newly-discovered species of insect than a doll. Thin polymer clay blends seamlessly with roots and stems.

Candice’s sculptures range from 1” to about 12” tall and often take the form of tiny furred creatures and Faerie. She is trained in children’s book illustration and her work shows the influence of classical illustrators. See more on her Deviant site.

(via NeedleAndClay)

  • reply Melinda ,

    such wonderful talent. What a joy to wake up to this morning!

    • reply Karen ,

      Woooow. Just…wow!

      • reply Valerie ,


        • reply Bokwus ,

          WOW so delicate!!!!

          • reply Julie Picarello ,

            Other-wordly, alien, slightly scary…and totally charming. I am in awe of her vision and her skill in bringing it to life.

            • reply Nefer Kane ,

              I just ADORE him or her!!!

              such a gracefull little creature; it’s an enchantment!!

              • reply Denise ,

                I can’t stop looking at their haunting expressions. I imagine they get quite angry sometimes. Extraordinary work.

                • reply Mary Vanderwood ,

                  Beautiful… simply stunningly beautiful artwork!

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