Gaedechens glows, Udell collages

Germany’s Caroline Gaedechens (on Etsy as NuitBlanche) is an illustrator who mostly creates 2D illustrations and soft sculptures.

She has a penchant for glow-in-the-dark polymer clay, however, and her monsters and magnets (scroll sideways) are somehow a perfect blend of scarey and reassuring.

As I was exploring the web’s nooks and crannies, I also discovered that Luann Udell has an Etsy site.

Her jewelry and fiber collages are inspired by the Lascaux cave in France. This ancient cave, long considered the birthplace of human art, is filled with paintings of prehistoric animals.

  • reply Valeriana ,

    I am so happy you wrote about Luann Udall today! I discovered her a while ago when I researched ancient artifacts made from polymer clay, and I simply adore her little stone-age animals. Great find!

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      I am so late to this party! Cynthia, thank you for featuring my little collage, and Valeriana, it’s good to “meet” you! I had fun browsing through your Flickr pages. :^)

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