Timmins’ perfect polymer lentils

Polymer clay artists love the science and the process of making lentil beads (here’s Desiree McCrorey’s how-to). I see plenty of examples and no one makes a finer, more consistent lentil than Wisconsin’s Laura Timmins.

Here’s her Flickr site with some new examples like her “Ocean Color” versions shown here. She generously shares her process in a visual step-by-step on her web site.

Combined with color-coordinated handmade cording and soothing designs, her pieces captivate wearers. Have a captivating weekend.

Note: Keila commented that I missed Laura’s new Etsy shop. For another twist on lentils, you might want to take a look at Barb Fajardo’s bead gallery.

  • reply Maureen Carlson ,

    I agree with everything that Cynthia said about Laura’s work. And I’d like to add a few more words: Elegant. Precise. Congruent. Meditative. Soulful.

    • reply Keila ,

      Laura Timmons not only makes the most beautiful swirled lentils, but she uses them in the most amazing ways. I could spend all weekend looking at her work. (She is also on Etsy!)

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            That was a really nice how to. Now if I just had time to.

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