Welker’s inspiration

Polymer clay is often called the chameleon clay since it can simulate many media.

Germany’s Bettina Welker (Beadworx) credits the work of enamelist Angela Gerhard for the inspiration for her new polymer bracelets. Using that as her launching point, Bettina adapted the design and modified it for rings.

Cecile G’s pendant/bail design that I admired yesterday may have begun in a class taught by Bettina! Good designs often ebb and flow across countries and continents and it’s hard to keep up. Take a look at the Euro Clay Carnival’s international showcase to see how our chameleon clay is crossing boundaries.

Thanks to Ronna Weltman for sending the link along. Ronna says that Bettina “manages to combine radical edginess with sublime femininity.” Ronna is someone who knows edgy (see her new book, Ancient Modern).

  • reply Lisa Clarke ,

    I love these! Bettina’s use of color and pattern always appeals to me.

    • reply Bettina ,

      Cynthia – thanks for the feature – you made my day!
      Actually Cécile never had a class with me. Maybe she will show up at the Euro Clay:) I taught the etched pendants only two times so far but there are pictures of the design out in the web for quite a while now. It’s always a pleasure to see how people take a design and do something different with it (as I did with Angela’s bracelets).

      @ Ronna: Thanks for poking Cynthia..*g*…and for the nice words. I really can’t wait for your book. I already preordered it!

      • reply Addie Kidd ,

        Those are beautiful! I love the color choices.
        It’s so great to see artists inspiring one another.

        I’ll add another link to this inspiration chain – Angela Gerhard’s enamel bracelets will be featured as a how to project in the July 2009 issue of Art Jewelry magazine. Check out our Editors’ blog for more information.

        Who knows, maybe Bettina would like to do an article on her polymer work next…? 😉

        • reply VAharoni ,

          Bettina is a fabulous artist. She knows her medium well. Her designs are ‘cutting edge’. I am always amased with the fantastic design sense in each and every piece.

          @Bettina: I consider myself fortunate to have ‘met’ you on the web.
          @Cynthia: Thank you once again for ‘my’ exciting home page!

          • reply Bettina ,

            Who knows, maybe Bettina would like to do an article on her polymer work next…? 😉

            Oh, what a great suggestion. I sure would like to kow more about that. Can I contact you via Email tomorrow or on monday?

            • reply Angela ,

              These are stunning pieces! I feel so flattered that my work inspired Bettina to use it as a reference point for her own jewelry. They all have her unique voice and style, and I really appreciate her giving credit too. What a great “feel-good” artist moment!

              • reply Christine Dumont ,

                These pieces exude serenity. What appeals is their simple lines bringing into focus the calm distinctiveness of the colour palette. Very smooth. Very zen.

                • reply Larissa Joonas ,

                  • reply Coby Schrijver ,

                    LOVE your work. May see you in London in March.
                    Coby Schrijver

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