Breil’s stamp tricks

Ontario’s Helen Breil does wonders with polymer clay and stamps. She combines unusual shapes, adds surprising dimension, and plays with color to build on her line of dramatic patterns. She markets her stamps and offers handy tutorials with lots of clever tricks through Shades of Clay.

“Exploration of design and developing new surface techniques fuel my continued passion with polymer clay,” she says. Prowl through Helen’s new web site to see what she’s been up to.

  • reply Loretta ,

    Helen’s work is clean and classy. Well designed and crafted and with a strong fashion flavor. I love work that is strong, bold and straightforward. I remember a teacher who said “tell one story and tell it well”. You’re doing just that, Helen. Lovely way to start the day.

    • reply Jeannie ,

      It is truly inspiring. It looks like it should be in an art gallery.
      I love and pendants and “ceramic look” So much talent

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        • reply Michelle ,

          Love her work and her stamps/textures.

          • reply Helen Breil ,

            Thanks Cynthia for the wonderful post. I checked my website visitor stats and today I’ve had visitors from 36 different countries including China, Russia, India & Croatia. What a fantastic global following your blog has!

            And many thanks to those who took the time to leave such lovely comments!

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