Tajvidi’s minis and a freebee

Toronto polymer clay artist AfsanehTajvidi (JooJoo) makes such charming miniature sculptures that I could hardly believe my eyes. Can cute be that perfectly done? I ordered some from her Etsy site and can report that the answer is yes.

The mini-sculptures that you see best on her Flickr site are as flawless and charming as they appear. In an interview she reveals that she draws the sculpture first and is satisfied only when the clay character matches the drawing.

You might guess that she’s also an illustrator/painter/computer artist. She and her sister have a website for their digital works which offers a great free treat – computer icons and wallpaper for jewelry afficianados like us! I am delighted with the turquoise earrings that dangle on my “polymer” desktop folder. Look here under “goodies” for a fun freebee to start your week!

  • reply Karen A. Scofield ,

    Oh my gosh. I love those snails!

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      Who knew that cute could be so soulful? Bravo, Afsaneh. Your work is a joyful meditation on nature.

      • reply Amy ,

        Love these sculptures. So colorful and friendly. Nicely done!

        • reply Jose Manuel Pombo ,

          Afsaneh,you have a heavenly gift in your hands

          • reply Jose Manuel Pombo ,

            • reply Jeannie ,

              Perfectly done, cute, whismy. Polymer clay never looked so good. They put a smile on my face.

              • reply Afsaneh ,

                Oh! Thank you so much Cynthia! I feel honored to be a part of your wonderful blog!!! And I would like to thank the lovely ladies who left those encouraging comments! You are so wonderful!!! xox

                • reply Katie Alexander ,

                  Thank you so much. I have so much to learn, and love to read and find out as much as I can.

                  • reply Ginny ,

                    What a lovely feature on the amazingly talented (and super nice too) Afi!

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