Making polymer clay art choices

Let me share more of the polymer clay choices I consider each day. Today, I received a link from Dan Cormier about television personality Rosie O’Donnell’s polymer clay work on Etsy.

Alaska’s Sue Savage introduced her wares at this year’s Acre wholesale show. Her web site tantalizes us with a few pictures.  Judy Belcher and the polymer participants at the show reported that Sue’s work reflects her surroundings in Alaska and is a treat to see.

Time to go fishing through the hundreds of posts that you have added to your blogs overnight.

Jodi Creager has posted a couple of luscious recipes on her hilarious blog. Her “Truffles Thimble Doodle” doll looks as strange and forlorn as I sound this week. I laugh. Perfect. Reel her in.

Note: My post meter will hit 1,000 this week! No wonder I’m taking a look at my process. That’s a lot of choices.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Huh. TV celebrities on Etsy. I’m not sure if I should be pleased or…

    Huh. Kinda creepy, and good, at the same time. Well, at least all her sales are going to a good cause, and is being matched by here. So… yeah, I’m gonna go for good. And to have a TV celeb touting the joys of polymer ain’t so bad either. (Can you tell what my opinion of TV celebs is?)

    Sue Savage’s work, what little she has up (get more photos on your site, girl!!), is delightful! Wonderful mix of metal and pc. And, is that copper mesh I see in the middle necklace? I can’t imagine what else it would be. Very intriguing!

    And speaking of metal and pc, Judy Belcher’s work totally rocks!! You go girlfriend!! Ooops… Don’t I owe you a photo sweep Judy? >.<

    • reply chel ,

      I wonder how many of us are having to squelch the urge to write to Rosie and advise her to pass on the Sculpey and go with a better clay?? I love the look of her dolls- the ones she draws on with Sharpies. Those would be VERY cool Mokume Gane designs on a stack of clay…

      • reply Pat McNally ,

        I am amazed that Rosie’s simple little creations, cute as they are, can sell for such phenomenal sums – yes, it is all for charity, but it’s all in the name and the fame. More power to her.

        • reply Sera ,

          Good on Rosie. If she can get $ like that for her good cause, then I applaud her efforts.
          I had to laugh at the comment from Chel about advising her to work with a better clay….just what I thought too.

          • reply Jeannie ,

            I have to agree with everyone here. I did not realize the picture in this post was Rosie, I thought it was a guy. I can only imagine what her craft room looks like.

            • reply Sue Savage ,

              Cynthia, what a nice surprise to wake to this morning! Thank you for noting my work, I’ve found where I belong and it is such a wonderful place to be. At ACRE I met two Judys, Joyce and Sandra, all of polymer fame… and Lisa, too. It was as if we’d been apart for years and had been reunited again.
              Enjoy the day, everyone, and embrace what ever it brings.
              – Sue

              • reply Sue Savage ,

                @Melanie West – Thank you Melanie for your feedback, I appreciate your support! … more photos to come, no excuses 🙂

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