Another look at polymer deviants


This tetris bracelet (based on the computer game) from Ukraine’s BeautySpotCrafts lured me into the Deviant Art site. Her gallery is full of unusual polymer clay designs (check out the piano key theme) and following BeautySpot’s links will lead you to other treasures like the gallery of Meella (Camille Young).

Newspaper earrings

My web connection is down today and I’m hitchhiking on a friend’s network. Start your week with a bit of exploration. I’ll wait for the repairman. Thanks to Lindly Haunani for helping me out with today’s link.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Wow, I didn’t realize deviantArt had more than just 2D art. Years ago, when I was doing photoillustration, I had a (2D) site there and lots of computer art friends who had sites there too. Hmmm… I shall have to dive back into dA for a new look.

    What fun stuff from BeautySpotCrafts! Once again, Cynthia, you bring us to spots in the pc world that I (at least) never thought of going.

    And Brava to Camille! Delightful (and lovely) work! Every time I see her air dry pc flowers, I am inspired to give it a try… but then remember that air dry and I don’t play well together. So… I shall just have to admire from afar. 😉

    Finally, Brava to Lindly for all the coverage and accolades she has been receiving recently! Well done, Lindly! You deserve every bit of it!

    • reply Dora ,

      Love the tetris bracelet ! That style is right up my alley

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