Global polymer trends

Julie Picarello’s “Boheme” polymer clay necklace reflects a little of a trend you may have spotted. There’s a looser, almost primitive style that’s gaining ground. French polymer artists excel at the look.

Ronna Sarvis Weltman gives step-by-step instructions in her newest book, Ancient Modern, and in the past few weeks I’ve been stunned and delighted by the number of versions her book has spawned.

When a style gets in the air, it starts popping up everywhere. I like how Julie has reinterpreted the wrapped wire look to go with her unmistakable designs (and she may have never seen Ronna’s book…I didn’t check).

Grant Diffendaffer’s workshops have caused a similar phenomenon with experimental recursive molded beads popping up all over the world. Today was my day to catch up on the web and these global waves of new designs really struck me.

  • reply Toni ,

    Julie’s necklace is stunning thank you for showing it Cynthia!! Toni

    • reply Jeannie ,

      When I grow up I want to learn to do this. This is exactly the kind of art I would love to be able to do. Julie, it’s like you read my mind. Words can’t describe your work.

      • reply Susannah ,

        Wow! I want to do this! It is beautiful!

        • reply Julie Picarello ,

          What a pleasant mid-week surprise…thanks much for the feature, Cynthia!

          I took a wire class with Janice Berkebile three years ago, and was inspired to incorporate wrapped metal accents to my finished jewelry. I have always found “symmetrically asymmetrical” designs very captivating, and love nothing better than melding a mishmash of media together (that was really fun to write!).

          BTW…I admire Ronna’s style tremendously and find her work inspirational as well. I own very few polymer books, but the photography and layout of her book was so lovely I made a point to add it to my small collection!

          • reply Linda Roberts ,

            Julie, this necklace is so spectacular, as is all of your work. Please, please, please come to San Diego and teach a class.

            • reply Ardienne ,

              Julie’s piece looks very urban but organic and her use of wire wrap has hints of street-savvy toughness. While she has drawn heavily on primitive motifs I can’t help but see pure urban chic in its polished execution.

              • reply karen ,

                I’m sorry to be the one who ‘spoil the party’, but i need to say it out loud – this necklace looks very much like Dan Cormier’s work!!!

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