Wilder declares independence

Wire-wrapping has been on my radar all week. Here’s one more in Dee Wilder’s (Malodora) Butterfly Wings polymer clay bracelet – a riot of colors, beads and wire combined into a noisy, noticeable bracelet.

Dee credits a workshop with multimedia artist Mary Hettmansperger and a tutorial from Deryn Mentock for leading her to wire work. Dee’s sites show a wealth of dramatic works that range in tone from exhuberant excess to careful extruded and turned shapes to constrained micromosaics.

In an Etsy interview Dee explains that, “I feel for the first time that I have reached a level of competence where I can control my materials. I’m not just trying to duplicate techniques and processes. I’ve never [before] stayed with a medium long enough for that to happen. I am able to visualize a finished piece and execute my vision. That might not mean much to most crafters and artists, but to me it is a giant breakthrough.”

Enjoy Dee’s shower of colors like the Independence Day fireworks we’ll see this weekend!

  • reply Dee Wilder ,

    You crack me up!! The title of this very complimentary post is so appropriate. Age is independence!! I’ve reached a time in my life where I’m creating only what I want. Such freedom is exhilarating and amazingly inspiring.

    • reply maggie byrd ,

      Well done Dee! I love your stuff it is so beautiful!

      • reply Carol Dean Sharpe ,

        Thank you for spotlighting one of my favorite Etsy artists! Dee’s exuberance comes through in everything she creates…and as proud owner of several of her pieces (including some gorgeous butterfly wings!) I’m not just “whistling Dixie.”

        • reply Georgia Morgan ,

          Dee is a role model for me, and an icon of craftsmanship.

          • reply Melody Murray ,

            What a fun feature! I really enjoyed learning more about Dee, who is one of my favorite Etsyians. Thanks for the post!

            • reply MAKUstudio ,

              Wow! I love this wire wrapped bracelet! So cool! I just love Dee’s polymer beads and jewelry!

              • reply slenz ,

                Yeah! Go Dee go! Beautiful lather turned work. Love the creams and greys. Happy claying from Sophia Lenz

                • reply Triz Designs ,

                  wonderful artist and brilliant post!!! thank you for this great feature!

                  • reply Sharon MacLeod ,

                    Dee…Love the looseness and fearlessness of your work! A longtime fan, I am inspired to keep trying to push that edge of innovation and exploration. Enjoyed the Etsy Metals interview. Congrats on your new studio freedom….

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