Kulakova’s polymer canvases

Russia’s Mariya Kulakova (pterdaktell) doesn’t just take a painterly approach to her beads, she uses polymer clay as her canvas!

The twenty year old produces polymer Picassos, Klimts, Warhols, Van Goghs and her own flowers and scenes on bead canvases.

Check out the Flickr site of this St. Petersburg artist’s dazzlingly bright colors sometimes mixed with caned spirals and traditional onion dome beads.

  • reply Denise Mitcheltree ,

    Wow – those are some great summer colors! They have such a happy feel to them!

    • reply Tanya Boden ,

      I want to get a bracelet or three.Where can i get some?
      I look forward to your reply
      Kindest Regards

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Oh, I WANT those earrings!

        • reply chel ,

          *gasp* truly speechless and in awe. Just…. wow. WOW!

          • reply Jeannie ,

            I love everything colorful and Mariya’s work is stunning. For a twenty year old to be that focused and so talented at a young age makes me wonder what the art world has in store for her…or what SHE has in store for the art world.

            I thinks it’s such a great compliment for someone to see a picture and say, “I want one, where can I buy them”?

            • reply Pteradaktell ,

              Hi, it’s a great pleasure to read all your comments, thank you! :))
              If you want to order some of my jewerly, just send me a letter! ia-pteradaktell@yandex.ru

              • reply Keila ,

                Beautiful colors!

                • reply Craig Massey ,

                  • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                    Craig – Fixed it…thanx


                  • reply Merrie ,

                    Wow I love her work. I wonder how she does it. Is it paint on clay or all clay? thanks

                    • reply Pam ,

                      she’s so prolific for one so young, though I guess I had loads of energy when I was that age, too! LOL I can’t imagine painting all those beads! She does such a great job with color and scale.

                      • reply Alejandra Leon ,

                        That’s beautiful colors flowers and scenes on bead canvases, another i want learn about clay minis peoples how know that for class how this working clay in bake, paint and firm not weak so let me know any thing more information…. Thank you.

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