Conversation with Judith Skinner

The Skinner blend has been one of the most effective weapons in every polymer clay artist’s arsenal since 1996 when Judith Skinner developed and refined the concept.

In this interview with Judith, she tells a bit about the history of the Skinner blend and about her own history in the software industry. Did you know that in the 1970s she and a partner created the weather graphics systems that we see on TV?

There’s more…including plans for a book illustrating the many variations on her original concept. I needed a break from web surfing so I sat myself down for an afternoon of video editing. Hope you like.

  • reply Bettina ,

    Cynthia, you put in the wrong link for the interview. It’s always nice to see Klew massaging Sarah’s hands but the right link would be this I guess;)

    • reply Judy ,

      Oh my, how good to see and hear Judith again! There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t think of her. Whether it’s working in my studio and doing a Skinner Blend in clay, or my kids talking about a stain of spilled cranberry juice on the floor…”look, it’s a Skinner Blend!” We all love you Judith Skinner!

      • reply Jackie ,

        Cynthia, thanks so much for your efforts. What a treat to see and hear Judith talk about her life and art!

        I’m inspired all over again to be a part of this “community”.

        • reply Melanie West ,

          What a wonderful interview! I have never met Judith, nor really knew who the “Skinner Blend” started, so it was terrific to watch the interview with her. Thanks so much, Cynthia, for sharing this.

          Btw, for those who haven’t yet, be sure to check out the other videos on Cynthia’s Youtube site. (My favorite is the face cane – zounds!)

          • reply Sarajane Helm ,

            How lovely to see Judith featured! I clicked the link and got a video with Klew and Sarah Shriver on taking care of your hands, but while I was at youtube I searched and the interview with Judith was great! Thanks for doing these, Cynthia!

            • reply Cheryl ,

              Wonderful interview. I’d never met or seen Judith, so to see her and hear her talk was a real treat. All polymer clay artists owe her a debt of gratitude for so freely sharing such a great technique.

              • reply Barb Fajardo ,

                Wow, that was fascinating! Thank you so much Judith, for sharing your discovery. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to create without the Skinner Blend. Wonderful job Cynthia…

                • reply bj ,

                  This is fabulous. I’m new to polymer clay, and purchased my first pasta machine just so that I could do the Skinner blend. I spent last weekend doing the Skinner blend for the first time (with my 5 year old son, who was completely enthusiastic running the clay through the machine the zillion times one needs to make it work). He noticed right away what was happening, and we were both thrilled.

                  I’m a novice, and more practiced workers might have forgotten, but there really is something quite magical about seeing the clay change for the first time. The blend uses unique properties of folding & clay to make something new.

                  • reply Loretta ,

                    where would I be without the Skinner Blend?

                    • reply Caren Goodrich ,

                      Excellent!!! On July 27th, I was wondering on my own polymer blog, , where Judith Skinner was and wishing we could see more of her online.

                      • reply Kathryn Ottman ,

                        So great to see Judith after so long out of the limelight. Her technique has given blossom to so many different looks in pc art. Just want to thank her for sharing her skills, technique, and vision with the rest of us out here.

                        • reply victoria angelica ,

                          sabes soy ispana pero vivo en USA, no ablo el ingles, pero me encanta todo lo que asen en masa clay, felicidades pera todas las artistas..un beso

                          • reply Jeannie ,

                            I’m a big fan of hers. I enjoyed the interview.

                            • reply Becky A ,

                              Great interview! What a neat thing to have created modern TV weather graphics. And FYI, Carolyn Potter is still active with the Greater LA PC guild. She gave a wonderful demo on carving in polymer clay at our last meeting.

                              • reply Trina Williams ,

                                What fun to see Judith again. I have directed a few Arizonans to Prescott. No wonder they couldn’t find her!

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                                    • reply Babara McGuffie ,

                                      Hey Judith –

                                      Are you the Judith that used to share an office with me at JPL?

                                      Please let me know.


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