New life to old lights


Leslie Blackford gives new life to old lights in her polymer clay sculpture class at November’s Clay Carnival in Las Vegas.

Watching Leslie effortlessly grow a fanciful creature out of scrap clay and old lightbulbs is worth the price of admission. Here’s another new piece, Blackbird Waiting, that she sent along.


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  • reply Judy ,

    I watched “Blackbird Waiting” develop and was, as always, inspired by the talent of Leslie. The piece wasn’t finished when I last saw it, the addition of the lovely blue egg, the personality of the bird, muted colors on the twig – perfect, Les, just perfect!

    • reply Kristina ,

      Wow, Leslie, as ever your characters are special and stunning and original.

      • reply Arlene Harrison ,

        What a great way to recycle! This reminds me that I have a whole box of the burned-out small lightbulbs that were on our community Christmas tree. My sister helped decorate the tree last year and she brought me the old bulbs that they had to replace…. now where did I put them???

        • reply Jeannie ,

          Talk about going “green”! WOW. How perfectly original. Love’em

          • reply Maureen Carlson ,

            Chuckling here as the photo of Blackbird Waiting appeared on my screen and I saw where Leslie had placed the blue egg. Perfect.

            I also was present during the early workings towards bringing this piece to “life”. What makes Leslie stand apart is that she is willing to listen to her intuition and make it visible for the rest of us to see. It isn’t that she doesn’t struggle with that, but that she has the courage to follow through.

            • reply Ponsawan ,

              I also watched that necklace come to life at the retreat. For 3 days I kept wondering what will she do with the stick, the orange fugus and a big black bird. Perfect.

              • reply Priscilla Lane ,

                What a clever sculptor you are, Leslie. Thanks for sharing your fun and funky art.

                • reply Maja ,

                  There is so much life and caracter in your life! You just keep amazing me!!

                  • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

                    These are great from my friend, Leslie. I can see her creating these.

                    • reply marian wieling ,

                      i have a ? i want to know how to keep my pieces to stay together after they are baked? what am i doing wrong? if this is the wrong site, please direct me to the wright site.marian

                      • reply LaLa ,

                        I just adore these guys! Leslie is so amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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