Lehmann’s cosmic polymer

Pendants – Side A
Pendants – Side B

Jana Lehmann’s (Feeliz) polymer clay Cosmic Blossom pendants have color and texture and shape that delight the eye on both the front and the back.

What is even more interesting is to follow her progress from the Cosmic Cookies that she made in Grant Diffendaffer’s class to this version. Jana, from Stuttgart, Germany, reinterpreted Grant’s methods and ideas to reflect her own vision. I love seeing a technique grow and change as it migrates around the world.

The link comes to us from Bettina Welker.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brilliant! Fun and playful, colorful and well executed! I think Jana really has something going here. Hmmmm… I wonder what these beauties would look like as earrings? 😉

    • reply Pat Lacy ,


      • reply Jeannie ,

        Those pendants are out of this world! The detail is astonishing!

        • reply Denise ,

          I love your color choices! The pendants are Beautiful.

          • reply Angie Cornelius ,

            I love the versatility of the two-sides – and the designs are so fanciful!

            • reply Alenka Vuletic ,

              Lovely choice of colors! Playfull and happy! You can not feel sad when wearing one of those!

              • reply Meisha Barbee ,

                These are just Great Fun!!! They make me happy. The colors are yummy, and the simplicity of the design and form are right up my alley. Love them!

                • reply River ,

                  I really like how precise her work is, very professional. These little pendants are irresistible, love, love, love em’ !

                  • reply Jane Glenholmes ,

                    Oh, how I love these. I think they are amazing!

                    Thanks for sharing!

                    Jane 🙂

                    • reply AbracadabrA ,

                      Amazing work !!! ^^

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