Pindroh tops the cake

Polymer clay illustrator Paula Pindroh (here’s her professional portfolio) created these cake toppers based on US Postal Service stamps. They look terrific on the orange wedding cake of her Denver clients and are a great example of an artistic phenomenon.

A recent New York Times article confirms what polymer artists have been seeing – a trend to customized cake toppers. Says one expert, “…it singularizes the couple and communicates that this couple is like no other. That is the dominant movement in the wedding planning industry right now.”

A follow-up CNN story talks about the money side of the trend and links to examples at Younique Boutique (though I’m not quite sure who the actual creators of their toppers are).

I’m home from my nephew’s lovely mountain top wedding….a “singularized” event indeed.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    I love the cake toppers. It’s so cool how she has them looking at each other.
    They’re perfect for the orange wedding cake.
    Lots of great articles on this Cynthia, thanks. I enjoyed reading them.

    • reply Rachel ,

      I love this trend in cake toppers made with polymer clay. I think that the quote you gave summarizes it well.

      • reply alisa R. ,

        So clever! I love seeing the “royalty” of playing cards portrayed in different ways, and this one is just great!

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