Easing into Monday

Start your Monday with a big dose of cute from illustrator Inhae Renee Lee, a former California game industry pixel animator and artist. Her blog, My Milk Toof, follows the adventures of two polymer clay baby teeth named ickle and Lardee as they frolick around her home. If you think you’re immune to cute, you may be surprised.

“A year ago I made my first polymer clay toy as a gift for my boyfriend. It was a whale holding a Panda holding a birthday cake. After that, I began playing around with the medium for my own projects,” she says.

As long as we’re easing into the week, take a look at the simple, silly Halloween jewelry on VoilaViola’s Etsy site – Frankenstein bolts, blood necklaces and earrings, and my favorite, the reattached head necklace. Ready to play now?

  • reply maureen carlson ,

    Today’s post reminds me to play more. Imagine more. Relax more. Laugh more. Loved visiting the TOOF blog. Can feel some ideas percolating in this sometimes routine head of min.

    • reply Cynthia Becker ,

      My Milk Toof made my day! I sent the link on the my friends who write children’s books and I can just hear them out there now, chuckling. Also, reminds me I’ve been away from my clay too long. Thanks!

      • reply Sabine ,

        I love whimsey and little stories about life matters – these two little guys certainly touch a soft spot. Sunshine for the mind.
        It is so much fun just to play abandonless.

        • reply Valerie ,

          Thanks so much for introducing me to ickle and Lardee…absolutely adorable.

          • reply Jeannie ,

            Can ickle and Lardee come out and play? I just want to pinch their cheeks.
            Inhae, Congratulations on the book!

            • reply Lynn Shiner ,

              Alas, Viola’s things must have sold elsewhere as there is very little in her Etsy shop- a mild disappointment as they sounded very cute. Oh well- thankks for sharing the idea!

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