Morris, Lombardi, Soehjar applique

The applique technique is picking up speed. Jennifer Morris, one of the first to popularize the style, gives solid colored polymer beads a distinctive look with sumptuous embellishment (front and back) and extravagent colors. Her finely crafted beads fly out of her New York based Etsy shop.


Germany’s Eva Soehjar gives her appliques a more contemporary twist with shaped bases and more graphic flowers. Eva began painting delicate scenes on polymer beads and has recently added this more dimensional line.

Rome’s Marina Lombardi (Ali di Libellula) enlivens simple polymer clay lentil swirl beads with romantic appliques of color-coordinated leaves, flowers, micro beads and crystals.

For these artists, the devil is in the details. Precisely placed teensy petals require patience and skill.

  • reply Alenka ,

    Beautifull jewellery! Wonderfull blog! I look forward for seeing new things every day ! Keep up the great work!

    • reply Cindy Walcott ,

      Cynthia — I love the “you might also like” feature you have added. It is a great way to visit older content. I frequently take advantage of this new feature.

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Jennifer’s applique beads and pendants just blow me away. I love color, colorful and all colors.

        • reply Krisi ,

          Thank you for posting this set of artists! I actually spend the weekend at our Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild retreat working on these gals techniques. It’s a challenge, but am blessed to have such great inspiration!

          • reply Hypatia ,

            Surprisingly this technique actually helps me to relax whenever I’m nervous and tired. And it’s really, really fun!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              Thank you so much for giving Jennifer Morris the recognition she deserves! Her work is so wonderful in its composition and precise detail—and its so fun to see were other artists take this distinctive look; the appliqued lentils are a terrific twist!

              • reply Zuzana ,

                Do I violence Jennifer copyright, if I have a same technique??? I don’t understand american law…can you help me, I don’t wanna make something wrong. Thanks

                • reply Polymer appliques ,

                  […] last visited Eva a couple of years ago (here) with two other artists, Jennifer Morris and Italy’s Marina Lombardi who both work in similar […]

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