Knuckles’ polymer patience

These multi-layered polymer clay creations from California’s Laura Knuckles (FancifulForm) exude calm and patience. Perhaps a quick look at the stock of them in her Etsy shop will begin your holiday on a little brighter note.

Breathe deeply and enjoy.

  • reply Debby Roberts ,

    These look too much like delicious candy. I would eat them if I made them!

    • reply Kathleen ,

      I was *astounded* by the upset customers who purchased goods from this seller’s Etsy shop. She seems to have no qualms about taking payment and not delivering or delivering a not-so-perfect product. There is *no way* I would take a chance on her despite her having been featured on Cynthia’s fabulous site! In fact, I’m a tad surprised to see her featured at all but obviously the feedback at her Etsy shop wasn’t read before these items were selected for publication and prominence…

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