Shriver’s new year, new site

Sarah Shriver has started her year with a new website. To click on the images of the sixteen new works that march across the top of her home page is like a getting a booster shot of creativity.

Sarah debuts more dimensional and more colorful pieces on her updated site.

Some of her new canes are brighter, more jewel-like and often more organic. She adds accents of color, flawless trim and silky smooth finishes that make them irresistible.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Oh My! Her kaleidoscope technique is breathtaking. I love the purple bracelet in her slideshow. When I saw the picture of her backyard studio I gasped. I could only dream of that.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      I love the subtle shifts that Sarah’s work is taking (heh, I’m a sucker for anything organic). Sarah’s cane work (along with Jana Benson Roberts’) is what inspired me six years ago to keep going with caning. I bow in homage to a true master of her medium! In a word…. Yum!

      – Melanie

      • reply jana ,

        These new pieces of Sarah’s are delicious! She is so extremely talented and her craftsmanship spot on. I admire both she and her beautiful work so much. The new website is really nice…Congrats, Sarah, and thanks for creating some of the most jaw dropping eye candy I’ve ever seen!

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          I WANT THAT NECKLACE!!!!!!!

          • reply revonav ,

            Incredible work! I’m fascinated by Sarah’s colors and patterns. I’ll be attending her seminar at Synergy — can’t wait.

            • reply Craig Massey ,

              I couldn’t believe those kaleidoscope pieces were canes, the straight lines were too straight, everything was so crisp. I spent a while looking around her site for a clue as to her image transfer technique or inlay or whatever it was she was using to produce those results and eventually clicked that they were indeed canes. Now I’m trying to resist buying her DVDs. It’s not as though I NEED more things on my todo list.

              • reply Trina Williams ,

                Great inspiration. I still have a triangle from a class I took in early 2000 I may just try and make something out of it! Love the new site. Very professional. I’m glad she has moved on from the pics I took that were up for so long.

                • reply Heather Campbell ,

                  Sarah, we’ve never met but I am hopping to meet you at Synergy 2 in Feb. so I can personally tell you how much I admire your work. It is exquisite !!! The precision and detail are unparalleled. Congrats on your new website too!!

                  • reply Dawna Sharp ,

                    I’ve always admired your work. Your sense of design, colors and patterns never cease to amaze me. Love love love!!!!

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