Seeing spots – Brandon and Bohmer

Brandons polymer balloons

I’m seeing a rainbow of spots today. Arizona’s Anita Brandon (Melobeau) attaches glowing metallic orbs to a mesh backing to produce a festive balloon-like pendant.

Boehmers dots

Anita promised herself a web site this year and she just launched it. Welcome her to the neighborhood.

Germany’s Margit Bohmer pops shiny polymer clay dots on black lava beads and finishes off her necklace with some matching stacked discs.

  • reply Pippa Chandler ,

    Love the way the Orbs have been put together – really unusual and such a great idea.

    • reply Jeannie ,

      I love the shimmer on the beads.

      • reply Kate ,

        I get connected to more cool sites (new and established) through your blog than any other! Thanks for keeping such a great one.

        • reply Scott ,

          Congrats on the blog Anita! Everything looks great! I’ve bookmarked in my favorites.

          • reply Jackie ,

            I’m loving this polymer clay trend of using big bold colorful (and oftentimes round) components. I’ve been using it in my own work and it’s nice to be inspired by the work of others. I can’t tell which of those necklaces I like more than the other!

            • reply Anita ,

              Thank you all for your kind comments. PCD has been a part of my morning routine for a long time. I have learned so much here and have been
              greatly inspired by the expansion to my isolated PC world that PCD has brought me. I’m so honoured and thrilled to be part of it!

              • reply AbracadabrA ,

                I really adore the “Shimmering Dots” and of course all this beautiful beads full of color !!!

                • reply Anita ,

                  Margit, I love your necklace. It’s so appealling and full of fun. It makes me smile.

                  • reply ,

                    Love the beads and necklace on the right! 😀 Looks so tasty and modern

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