Miniature polymer abstracts

Wells polymer Trailbone

In these new beads from Berkeley’s Selena Anne Wells the color comes from small surprise vintage glass cabochons embedded in black or faux ivory polymer, stained and buffed to look aged. Her mastery of simple and intricate sculptural and texturing techniques is impressive.

Wells Vertical Night polymer bead

Digging deeper into her Flickr history gives you a peek at her other interests – masks, faces, kaleidoscopes. Though she doesn’t reveal much in words, her art tells an engaging story.

She calls her small pieces miniature abstract wearable art.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    These are something I’ve never seen before…interesting…abstract. I have been itching to use cernit clay. I don’t know enough about it or have not seen a lot of PC art done with it.

    • reply alenka ,

      Very interesting and beautiful…great artist. The masks are gorgeous.

      • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

        Her work is so sculptural and tangible! It has wonderful texture and contours and her addition of gems and other mixed media adds a wonderful touch. It begs to be touched – doesn’t it? Beautiful work!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          I find the bone piece especially beautiful and unusual in an understated and uncluttered way. It all works together as a very unique “whole”.

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            I was just looking at her Flickr site last evening–she does the most wonderful work with the simplest colors–too often I think we feel we MUST use the eye-popping colors that polyclay makes available to us–her work proves the exception.

            • reply Ariane Freisleben ,

              Selena is one of the best Polymer Clay artists I know. Her work is breathtaking.

              • reply Lisa Gatz ,

                Gorgeous! I love embedded jewels. I’m going to go and look at her flickr.

                • reply Robbie Brandwynne ,

                  Beautiful,complex and inspiring stuff! Selena, talk to me about a site that might be good for a show of your things and some other artists on this site.

                  Way to go, Girl!

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