Dawn Schiller's polymer candlewyke

Dawn Schiller’s “candlewyck” has me spooked as I lock up the house and leave for vacation. Will these odd little creatures sense my departure and start popping up from the candlesticks when I pull out of the driveway? Her polymer oddfae suddenly make me a believer. What an imagination she has.

Arizona from a Paula Pindroh illustration

Thanks to Paula Pindroh for the polymer vacation illustration. My husband and I are off to Arizona to visit friends and family, grabbing wi-fi at McDonalds and motels along the way. We’re heading toward sun and heat with polymer supplies in the trunk, naturally.

Susan Lomuto has posted a thoughtful wrap-up of Synergy on her DailyArtMuse.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    I love ODDFAE on Dawn’s blog. I want one. It reminds of the gremlin movie.

    • reply alenka ,

      I love him! All of her work is very unusual, but also impressive and gorgeous!!Great idea!

      • reply Kathi ,

        I love D and her work. she is so awesome. We are blessed to have her in our guild and I am double blessed to have three of her pieces.

        Have a safe and wonderful trip to the sun

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          Dawn’s “candlewyck” is wonderful. I especially appreciate his amazing hands/fingers. Paula’s PC Arizona saguaro piece so much fun. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip out to our sunny state and may your PC stay COOL! Things heat up here so quickly that I keep PC in a jumbo ice chest when I travel, especially if I have to leave my van parked in the sun while I get a bite to eat.

          • reply Paula Pindroh ,

            Dawn’s work is AMAZING! Soo incredibly expressive!

            Thanks for including my Arizona spot illustration! Cynthia, I will have something special for you soon. I’ve been away from MY polymer clay supply box for about 2 weeks & can’t wait to get my hands on it! ;~)

            • reply amy w ,

              i hope the clay doesn’t cook in your trunk en route to AZ. have safe travels!!!!

              • reply Debby Roberts ,

                Great imagination! I love him.

                • reply KellyK ,

                  Arizona? Clay? TRUNK?? OMG… get a cooler and a couple of bags of ice. I lived in AZ and that heat is nothing to play around with.

                  • reply Sandra ,

                    I love it.

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