Spring polymer birds

Tayler's polymer bird necklace

Victoria’s Joan Tayler has added the cutest quail to her polymer bird menagerie complete with a photo of the construction. Her strand of colorful birds is a happy reminder that spring is here.

Joan ventures into fiber related projects but is always pulled back to polymer by the creatures that fly by her window. She set up a little studio in a corner of the kitchen while on a recent vacation and said, “Quail are a big deal here so I have made a lot of them…also loons, redwing black birds, eagles and chickadees.”

This Monday Joan reminds us to look closely and to take inspiration from what’s around us.

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  • reply Melinda Hayes ,

    How precious! Love them!

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      These are absolutely delightful! Wonderfully accurate details. I’d like to look at each one more closely.

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Are these birds hand painted? WOW> I was having trouble getting motivated this morning, but I all better now.

        • reply Daily Muse ,

          Totally perfect for spring ~!

          • reply Anita Brandon ,

            What gorgeous and meticulously detailed work by someone who obviously knows their birds. KUDOS!

            • reply Brian Blacknick ,

              That is an incredible piece of work!

              • reply Carolyn Good ,

                Joan is one of my best clay friends and I love the little creatures she makes — especially her birds. I have sat and watched her make them and she makes it looks so easy. It is a really talent and gift that she has.

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