Blackburn’s bangles

Carol Blackburn's polymer bangles

This new page of bangles and necklaces from London’s Carol Blackburn shows lively and colorful designs that are finished to satiny perfection. The closeups of her mobius/color blended strips are inspiring.

Carol’s techniques are thoroughly explained in her Making Polymer Clay Beads book which has been translated into English, French, German and Italian. Her work serves as a gentle Monday reminder about the importance of finishing.

  • reply Pippa Chandler ,

    These are so beautiful! Carol’s attention to detail is amazing. Such striking patterns and colours.

    • reply Maureen Thomas ,


      • reply jana ,

        beautiful work, Carol!

        • reply Meisha Barbee ,

          Very nice, Carol! The designs are really striking and current. I particularly like the chevron design. Fantastic!

          • reply ,

            These are GREAT!!! And it was cool seeing Blackburn’s Bangle’s because I am a Blackburn… But most of my Great Aunts and Uncles are from Mount Airy, NC… Great shop.

            • reply Jeannie ,

              I have her book and I admire her work. The Bangle’s are stunning and I wish I had a 1/4 of her talent.

              • reply Alison Gallant ,

                Absolutely beautiful, Carol, and I have felt how smooth they are!

                • reply Carol Blackburn ,

                  Thanks Cynthia and everyone. I’m thrilled to be here. It made my day!

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                      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                        I absolutely adore her book–it is the one I insist my students acquire–and her new work is just stunning!Bravo, Carol!

                        • reply Annie Hooten ,

                          I am happy to call Carol a friend and proud to own one of her beautiful bracelets and a pair of Mobius earrings. She deserves all the accolades. Her book is the one I recommend to all my beginning students. Way to go Carol!!

                          • reply Seth L Savarick ,

                            It’s always a delight to see Carol’s splendid work. She combines innovative designs with exceptional craftsmanship. Fantastic!

                            • reply Surendera ,

                              The beautiful things created by a like beautiful Carol.

                              • reply Christine Dumont ,

                                Yay Carol!

                                • reply Judy ,

                                  Fabulous! Carol, you know exactly how I feel about your book! It is a must have.

                                  • reply Caren Goodrich ,

                                    I met Carol last year…she’s wonderful and so is her book, and these bangles are fabulous!

                                    • reply claire maunsell ,

                                      I have been meaning to buy her book FOR EVER. Everytime I’ve tried to order it on Amazon, it’s been out of stock! Yesterday, I was finally able to order it – this post was meant to be….

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