Korringa’s canes

Kim Korringa's flower pin 2
Kim Korringa's flower pin 1
Kim Korringa's flower pin3

Kim Korringa’s pins give me more caning ideas here at the conference. The shaped edges and slice combinations take my thinking in a new direction.

Kim Korringa's necklace parts

I found Kim quietly stockpiling components for a necklace series. Mindless production work is her way of accomplishing something in the midst of creative overstimulation.

Her collection of polymer pearlized, ruffled disks and balls made a beautiful collage.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Oh my, I just made some ruffles myself. I will be attaching some of them to filigree for a custom order. I love her color palette.

    • reply jana ,

      Until I enlarged the ‘ruffles’ picture, I thought it was a complete hydrangea blossom! Nice! Love the new, more (excuse the overused phrase) “painterly” petals and components Kims using. Beautiful work, Kim!

      • reply Nathalie ,

        Love the colours and its just wonderful the flowers ..feels like you want to start making new canes …love it.

        • reply Meisha Barbee ,

          It is amazing to see Kim in action…she is so fast at making canes. The flower pins are very cool and her interesting color palette really works. I keep going back to look at them again. These are sooooo intriguing. Nice work Kim!

          • reply Mary Anne Dugas ,

            ‘love the work..thanks for the inspiration!! I am obsessed with this art!

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