Finnish fun

Turha Luulo's shapes and blends

Look over the shoulder of the Finnish polymer clay artist, Raija Korpela who writes the blog, Turha Luulo. Using mostly simple shapes and clay cutters, she combines blends and cutout designs in unusual ways. A strong color sense brings sophistication to her design exercises.

Turha Luulo...bended scallops

You can tell that she’s exhuberant about polymer’s possibilities and her enthusiasm is contagious. Here’s her Flickr page.

If you can find her name, send it along. My Finnish is rusty. Eva Menager sent the link along.

Dustin struggles

Kathleen Dustin shares her struggles as a polymer artist in her most recent post. For years she’s enjoyed great success following the advice of a professor who encouraged her to “Make your work personal.”

“But, now I’m at a standstill. Where do I go from here?” she asks. “I want to still make my work personal, but am struggling with how to do that right now.”

“Art is hard work,” she concludes. Read her post here.