Turha Luulo's shapes and blends

Look over the shoulder of the Finnish polymer clay artist, Raija Korpela who writes the blog, Turha Luulo. Using mostly simple shapes and clay cutters, she combines blends and cutout designs in unusual ways. A strong color sense brings sophistication to her design exercises.

Turha Luulo...bended scallops

You can tell that she’s exhuberant about polymer’s possibilities and her enthusiasm is contagious. Here’s her Flickr page.

If you can find her name, send it along. My Finnish is rusty. Eva Menager sent the link along.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Love her flickr page. Lots of fun and unique works of art. I love the pendant made with a button imprint and the ex-pearl powders.

    • reply Turha Luulo ,

      Thank you Cynthia and Eva so much for picking my work on this site. Polymer Clay Daily has been my favorite source of inspiration for some time. I almost didn´t believe my 59 years old eyes, when I saw this article.
      Well I came to introduce myself: My name is Raija Korpela and about 18 months ago I became inspired in this material in Finnish artist and Polymer Clay pioneer Porro Sahlberg´s writings and articles. And since I opened my first package of Polymer clay I was hooked and I still love it.
      Some of your complimentary words feels quite big for a humble crafter, but yes I enjoy them, so thank you again all of you.
      And I promise to update my blog in my stiff English.
      Have a nice summer!

      • reply cristalline ,

        Eva has always fabulous links ! She is an encyclopedia of polymer 😉 Thanks again for this new discovery that opens new horizons.

        • reply Korpela’s crinkle cuts ,

          […] core. Check out her experiments on her Flickr page. Raija likes to fool the eye. Here’s an earlier post about […]

          • reply Sandra ,

            Yes, she is great she work hard for get more information about how to do better with polymer.

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