Aaron’s little polymer picnic

Shay Aaron’s tiny polymer July 4 picnic looks like Martha Stewart shrunk to 1/12th size. The blueberries, the star cookies! He’s a master of the miniature.

How can anything so small give me such great pleasure?

Perhaps it’s because the first time I touched polymer was with my daughter as we made food for her dollhouse. She’s flying in for a visit today. If you note changes on the PCDaily blog, you’ll know we’re tinkering. We still play together, only now it’s digital!

Visit Shay’s sites and enjoy all the small pleasures that your weekend brings.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    One thing for sure, they would be fat free and calorie free. It amazes how one can work in such miniature scale. I give this a 10+++++

    • reply Melanie West ,

      It’s clear Shay has nimble (and probably young) hands… delightful work, Shay!

      Cynthia, your comment about the change in how you and your daughter play gave me a wonderful warm chuckle. I know just what you mean! “Old Dogs” got nothin’ on us ol’ moms, eh? Except… well… my son now runs digital circles around this ol’ dog… er… mom. But at least I’m still in the game. 😉

      • reply Emilie ,

        Wonderful !!

        • reply jana ,

          I’m a sucker for tiny things… these are great, Shay – the detail draws you right in..wonderful work!

          • reply Dalit ,

            He is the best!
            No doubt!

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