show us how younger artists are using polymer, even if we’re not World of Warcraft fans. The site’s author is secretive about the designers and it looks like these elaborately dressed characters originate in China. You’ll find larger pictures on the Facebook page.

One of the early favorite polymer character artists is Bulgarian Dinko Tilov. His dinosaurs and monsters predate the gamer figures. Check out Dinko’s tutorials here. Dinko and his brother Boris recently put out a new book, Sculpting Mythical Creatures. Dinko gives tips on how to make his sculptures on his blog and video tutorials here.

The cartoon and gamer-based polymer toy crowd speaks a language all its own and they are a growing global force.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    My son was a huge WOW fan a few years ago… I’ll have to pass on your post to him. I think he’ll get a kick out of WOWcharmers work.

    I have always enjoyed Dinko’s wild creatures. Now you have me wanting another book. 😉

    • reply Susan Averello ,

      Actually, they’re not chinese, they’re Japanese, mostly from anime- Japanese animation. I am in a house full of anime fans – all of which would scream to hear them called Chinese

      • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

        I’m sending this link to my son right now! He’ll be crazy about it. He can’t stop talking about going to Blizzcon in October.

        And I love Dinko Tilov’s book, too!

        • reply Jeannie ,

          These make me feel like a kid. I just want to grab them and start playing.

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