Yep, LaLa Ortiz used polymer to create this faux bicycle chain bracelet. Lighter and less oily than the real version, don’t you think? There are better pictures here.

It’s a clever chain design which LaLa promises to upload to her Web site. She’d been thinking about the bracelet for a couple of years and it came to fruition at this year’s Polypalooza at Lake Tahoe. Clever biker girl.

Cable woes

Our wires got crossed or the squirrels chewed them or some such disaster has upset our household. Worse than not having internet is listening to my husband mourn the loss of his tv. If I’m slow to respond to email or a bit sloppy with my coding, you’ll know why. Waitin’ for the cable guy.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    They remind me of barbells I once made for a contest and won on Jean Campbells blog

    Great for any rocker or biker chick.

    • reply jana ,

      How great to see LaLa featured, and WOW, what an amazing piece to be featured for! A perfectly designed and executed bracelet – so cool! LaLa is a beautiful (and talented) ray of sunshine…

      • reply LaLa ,

        Geez! What a thrill to have my bike chain bracelet featured. Thanks Cynthia! It’s been in the cerebral stage for about 10 years now. I stumbled across some rough journal sketches while up at Polypalooza and it all came together. Now I really have to get better pic’s posted! Just the kick in the pants I needed!

        Gosh Jana, You make me blush! “a beautiful (and talented) ray of sunshine” Now they’ll all know that I paid you to post that! It takes one to know one!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          LaLa: What a creative and cool bike chain. Bet that gets A LOT of attention when it’s worn. Next step, necklace of same on high fashion Paris runway?

          Cynthia: Hope the cable guy/gal sets all right with the world again.

          • reply Maureen Thomas ,

            LaLa’s always got something fun up her polymer sleeve! It’s great being in the same guild (Clayville California) and I’m always amazed by her far-reaching talents. She’s an inspiration and amazing, generous artist!

            • reply LaLa ,

              Geez Moe! Thanks so much for the flattering comments! You are also an inspiration and amazing, generous artist and I am so happy to be in the same guild with you!!! Love, Love Love LaLa

              Anita, yes, more to come on this one. This is just the prototype. I am just getting started! Thanks for looking and your comments!

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