Chandler’s out of this world polymer

Gera Scott Chandler has taken polymer rock making to the next level – inter-planetary. Her Martian rocks reveal colors and images from another planet. Click here to see one of her finished necklaces.

As a rock hound myself, it was gratifying when several artists attended our “Rockettes” session. They shared their secrets and compared their faux river rocks, beach stones and exotic pebbles. Gera’s were the most outlandish.

Gera was also the first one to spot a magical moose this week. Have a magical weekend.

  • reply claire maunsell ,

    I wish I had made these! There is something very satisfying to my eyes in this colour palette and beads punctuated by chain lets you really look at each grouping of beads in the necklace. More please….

    • reply averilpam ,

      I love them! I love the subtle colours and different shapes 🙂

      • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

        Love that necklace. You’ve done it now, Cynthia. I want to go on an artist retreat. You’ve put a bee in my bonnet …

        • reply Christine Damm ,

          Claire, when I saw these I thought of your great beads and how they link in wonderful unexpected ways! Now these colorful rocks are ones I could definitely get interested in. For years I’ve been thinking about making some for an aquarium but I really don’t dig fishtanks. Cynthia, you’ve got me thinking mosaics lately, hmmmm……

          • reply genevieve williamson ,

            I really enjoy the whimsy of that necklace and Gera’s “take” on rocks!

            • reply Marlene Brady ,

              Futuristic primitive drawings. Love the colors and shapes. Kind of gemstones meet beach pebbles. Wire necklace is spectacular also.

              • reply Beverlyjane ,

                Oh my you have lots of talent but I think I enjoy your fun loving art the most of all. You have to be a blast to hang out with,. Wish I had a beady buddy and I hope you have lots of them to enjoy your art with. Hugs.

                • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

                  Thanks for the great comments everyone and thanks so much for the feature Cynthia!
                  “Futuristic Primitive” is an awesome description…. describes an effect I’m chasing so it looks like I found the path in the Colorado Rockies!!


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