Friedlander’s polymer meditation

Dan Friedlander’s series of 4″x4″ white polymer tiles is a study of textures. This Colorado artist makes the process sound like a meditation – sculpting the clay with only his hands, firing the tiles in a solar oven, and giving each a poetic title. You can see how he digs deep to come up with his wide range of variations…and titles! Ann Kruglak sent the link along.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Too bad our computers don’t have a “touch and feel” button like “scratch and sniff”
    WOW! WOW! These are truly POETIC!

    • reply Barb Fajardo ,

      Gorgeous, amazing and very inspiring! Thank you Cynthia and Ann!!

      • reply jan montarsi ,

        While I dont get all the names the these emote very tranquil
        and relaxing feeling. I wanted to touch them all – how bout
        Visual Snuggie

        • reply Susan A ,

          They just blow me away! I love the textures on white.

          • reply Loretta ,

            Another day…another fabulous post!
            Don’t you just love an artist who goes all the way there with an idea?
            Beautiful, organic, even humorous work…and how about the Towers!

            thanks for this

            • reply laurie prophater ,

              I love the way the ‘sculpted’ white elements create the shadows that define the overall design.

              • reply Cate ,

                Hmmm. Maybe I’m missing something, but I couldn’t find any reference to polymer clay as such on his site? He does specifically reference his porcelain and terra cotta pieces. Lovely work, whatever the medium is, and very inspiring, although I found Ann Kruglak’s work even more so!

                • reply jan montarsi ,

                  CATE its under the “about me” header on his website. He also mentions his solar oven.

                  • reply Sera ,

                    and I thought my most recent work was fiddly and time consuming!!! I bow to the master….

                    • reply Ingrid ,

                      I am blown away by this work. I love repetition in art and he does go all the way.
                      I too wondered about the medium. It says clay on the About me page, but what kind of clay?

                      • reply Rick Sharpe ,

                        Actually I couldn’t find any reference to Polymer Clay on his site also so I emailed him and he confirmed they were indeed polymer clay. He gave a little more info on the solar oven but not enough to explain it in any detail.

                        they are polymer. i fire in a sun oven solar oven. hope this helps. dan

                        • reply Jenn ,

                          These are beautiful!

                          • reply LaLa ,

                            Being a texture freak, these just blow me away. I want to touch them!

                            • reply Meisha ,

                              Absolutely Luscious! I looked at his web site and the examples just kept going and going, one more beautiful than the next. I was completely engaged.

                              • reply Helen Wyland-Malchow ,

                                He is Awesome!! I have used is site for my Pottery students as we design and think about our plant and how we can use it as a source of inspiration.

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